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June 10, 2006


Todd Ruth

Can't wait!

dan ohlerking

i'm with todd - can't wait. i've got a spot already reserved on my bookshelf for it (right between chazown and mere christianity).

i do have a not-so-totally unbiased suggestion to offer for this, though. i think a "5 questions with dino rizzo" would be a great addition to the list. qualifications are there for sure (well over 200 visitors each day on average, frequent posts, nearly 1500 subscribers not counting rss feeds, pastors a church of nearly 5,000 and has done a great job of harnessing the power of blogging as a tool to help him do what he does.)

so, if there's time and space to get 5 more questions in, i think it'd be a huge win for the book.

either way, your place between craig and clive is secure. i'm really glad y'all are doing the project.


I am jazzed about the book. Brian, I am sure you are busy, but next week I am teaching "How to Effectiveky Reach Your Community Through Podcasting and Blogging" at Saddleback's Purpose Drivern Worship Conference and wouls love it if you had time to come by my blog and answer the question I put out to my readers. Thanks!!!
Here is the permalink...

Brian Bailey

Todd: Thanks...I can't wait either!

Dan: Wow, I don't know if I'm reading to sit next to "Mere Christianity", but I appreciate the sentiment :)

Dino's podcast was outstanding, and his blog is one of the best out there. Unfortunately, I'm well over the expected number of words and we're in the process of trimming, not adding. Thanks for the feedback!

Los: Even though you're no longer speaking, I posted my thoughts on your blog. Hope the conference goes well!


Oh. I'm still speaking. But I am ALSO playing. Thanks!!!

andrew jones (tallskinnykiwi)

hey - i am hoping my thoughts on blogging will make it through the editing process.
but its fine if they want to cut them out.
i will buy the book anyway . .


You definitely made the cut, Andrew. Your excellent contribution is featured with 15 others in the final chapter, "The One Thing."

Thanks again for being part of the book!

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