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July 27, 2006


Brenton Balvin

Guys I'm for an index. It is useful to help look up a topical. Especially if I get to the end and wonder, "What is RSS again?" Or "Where does Terry pastor?" An index, though I don't always use it, really helps me to find a story or topic or bit of info I want to use after I've finished the book. Looking forward to it.


My vote is no index. It seems like the chapters are already organized well enough.


Absolutely! A book without an index is like the web without search. I have had them in all of my books and use them frequently in other's books.


By all means, you must have an index. Those of us who read quickly through books and go back later looking for specific points live and die by them.


Something even more valuable than a printed index in the back of the book would be to put the book's index on this website along with additional resources referred to in the book. 1) Saves a few more pages of printing cost, 2) able to provide a more exhaustive index, 3) leaves it open to being interactive, 4) opens opportunity for commenting, tagging, blogging, and other Web 2.0 stuff. If editorial cost is a factor, a software like TExtract www.texyz.com could minimize cost and increase readers' value.


I lean towards yes, produce the index. I assume the book leans towards technology, benefits, trial and error stories, web communication, bulleted lists, focused topics and the like more than a fictional story book. So if that's true, that the book leans towards more of a technical nature than a story book, indexes are helpful. If you suspect that the book’s primary audience is very uneducated on the subject matter, again the index would be helpful. If you suspect your audience is simply furthering a knowledge base that already has a solid foundation, that might be a point for the no side. But of course you have to way the cost/value benefits. If the cost is insignificant, then I’d throw the easy yes. If the cost of the index is somewhat significant to significant, I might answer some more questions. Will having an index help sell more books? Will someone pick up the book, notice there is no index, and not purchase it…. or maybe purchase it but not recommend it? Who knows. Bottom line. I vote yes unless the cost of the index is uncomfortable to swallow.

Lisa Mathews Fowler

Add my vote to the yes column. Looking forward to the read.

stephen shields

anything that lowers the cost of information is useful. I suggest you include an index. I certainly rely on them heavily. I also like DJ's suggestion of putting it online.

David Russell

Index, yes. :) On the other hand, instinct can be priceless. So if you nix it, I can dig.

Anne Jackson

My vote is yes :)

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