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July 19, 2006


Darrell Jordan

Can we get an autographed copy?? ;) Can't wait to read it.


Sam DeSocio

Congrats on the book.
How come you guys haven't post much since you finished the book? We haven't had any new podcasts in a few months.

Brian Bailey

Thanks, Darrell and Sam! I'll let you know when the book tour is :)

A huge part of the podcasts was gathering perspectives from other blogging pastors for the book. Now that the book has been completed, they will definitely be less frequent. They're great to do, but involve a huge time commitment as well. Glad you've enjoyed them!

stephen shields

congrats! a milestone in recording the way the declining cost of information is changing the church!

shel israel

Congrats, Brian. I remember the thrill of the moment you just had. I bet I'll be the first person named Israel to preorder your book and I'm very proud to have played a teeny role in it.

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